Brookside Music Association Hosts Local Students for Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra Workshop

Brookside Music Association Hosts Local Students for Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra Workshop, Followed By a Sold Out Performance at MCC.

Some very lucky intermediate students, from four local elementary schools, were able to attend an authentic demonstration of baroque music by world renowned Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra Thursday afternoon at the Midland Cultural Centre.

Students met with the orchestra who gave a fascinating account of both the playing and the making of Baroque music. Using projections and narrative the production explained the origins of Baroque styling’s, the history behind it and the instruments used.

Tafelmusik is derived from the German word “tafeln” meaning to dine or to feast, and eventually became used to describe music used for a banquet.  In this case Tafelmusik delivered an educational banquet.

Students were intrigued to discover how original instruments were constructed by local artisans from materials not commonly used today, such as sheep gut. Then they were able to hear music written by one of the period’s principal composers Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) – played as it was intended to be heard.

One teacher commented, “To see these instruments and hear them played so professionally might be the only time many of my students will ever hear and get a chance to appreciate them. Thank you”

Brookside Board members, Angela Monaghan and Anne Wilkes, provided the schools with an Educational Program and Teacher’s Guide developed by Tafelmusik Bass player Alison Mackay whose production of Bach and His World was later performed to a sold out audience.

“I totally loved every second of the performance. It was the most spectacular musical event I have ever attended. It really pulled you into Bach’s world as we met his neighbours and artisans and learned so much more about the city and what was happening during his time in Leipzig.” – Ken Woods

The orchestra later came out to meet with audience members who had been held spellbound throughout the performance. Many patrons were so invigorated that they later convened next door to a local pub to share their appreciation and prolong the experience.

It was another great Brookside day!