Summer Serenade 2014

Brookside Music is pleased to announce its 2014 summer concert series.   Tickets for each event will be $25 plus service charge and HST for a single concert or you can “Compose Your Own Series” by purchasing a package of five tickets for $100 plus service charge and HST.

 Please email us at info@brooksidemusic.com for further information.


  1. The Gryphon Trio-July 3rd-7:30 pm  (The Midland Cultural Centre)
  2. Luis Mario Ochoa Cuban Quintet-July 4th -8:00 pm  (The Boathouse Eatery)
  3. Beatriz Boizan -July 10th-7:30 pm (The Midland Cultural Centre)
  4. Quartetto Gelato -July 17th-7:30 pm (The Midland Cultural Centre)
  5. Brenda Lewis & Margaret Stowe-July 18th-7:30 pm (The Midland Cultural Centre)
  6. Buzz-July 24th-7:30 pm (The Midland Cultural Centre)
  7. The Brodsky String Quartet And James Campbell-July 31st-7:30 pm (The Midland Cultural Centre)
  8. Rant Maggie Rant-August 2nd-8:00 pm  (The Boathouse Eatery)
  9. Paul Marleyn And Mauro Bertoli-August 7th-7:30 pm (The Midland Cultural Centre)
  10. Valdy-August 15th-7:30 pm (The Midland Cultural Centre)
  11. Toronto All Star Big Band-August 21st-7:30 pm (The Midland Cultural Centre)
  12. Ontario Youth Choir-August 23rd-7:30 pm(St. Paul’s United Church)
  13. The Lemon Bucket Orkestra-August 28th-8:00 pm (The Boathouse Eatery)


Ticket prices will be $25 for a single ticket or “Compose Your Own Series” of five concerts for $100

Full series subscription:  Adults $225 


Students are $10 for individual concerts and $40 for the “Compose Your Own Series” 

Full series subscription:  Students $100

Children under 10 are free

Various locations in the Town of Midland