“John: i have been a regular at Brookside and this last concert, Sound the Trumpet was excellent. i thought that i should email you and give some praise. i have been a long term vacationer here in the Penetang area but look forward to your season. i would be quite willing to support in any way i can. By the way, my liking for the Baroque was satisfied this past week.”

- Dr. Brian Gamble


“Our deepest gratitude for the incredible gift of music you shared last night. The story was mesmerizing, the accompanying selections were incredible and your unique talents truly brought Brahms to life. The range of emotions your renditions and interpretations were personally overwhelming for me. I will savour last nights musical experience for a very long time.As well, for me to be part of such a stellar ensemble will also ever be a highlight and one that I would dearly love to repeat in the future. Thanks for broadening and deepening my/our musical knowledge and horizons. Last evening was truly a joy and a pleasure to experience….we LOVED it.”

- Sheila & Dick


“We have taken family up to Parry Sound in previous years to The Festival of the Sound and it will be nice to be able to attend concerts right here in Midland. Walt & I really enjoyed the concert last night and are looking forward to ones coming up! Thank you for all the work you did and are doing to bring all this together.”

- Walter & Loreen


“The caliber of the artists is very high. I have enjoyed all the performances I have seen to date. Keep up the good work.”


“We wish you success in this brave and exciting venture. We look forward to attending the series and will encourage others to attend as well.”

- Dr. Klaas and Wilma


“This is a wonderful series, and a valued addition to our community. Great work John!”


“We look forward to the success of Brookside Music Association, in and around Midland.”

- Bayla & Murray


“Thank you for organizing and working so hard to make these events happen in Midland. we really appreciate your efforts.”


“John, thank you for your vision and dedication in bringing this series to Midland.”

- Kathleen & Nik


“I wish you good luck and big crowds, and look forward to being there.”

- Tom


“Thanks for organizing this wonderful event!”

- Susan & Bob


“We enjoyed the concerts this summer. Thank you for all your hard work for our enjoyment.”